The materials used: lead, cement, wood, resin. Lead interests me especially for its matt,

melancholic aspect, which contrasts well with the violent light of the sun.


Concerning the trees, there are several steps:

• creation of a sculpture of the tree .

• creation of a ground, often using synthetic materials. The tree is then fixed upon this ground.

• finally, a painted sky is placed vertically behind them.


The goal being to give the sensation of intense, frontally exposed solar light,

the photos can only be taken in the summer, at the time of most intense heat.

The technical difficulty comes from the «fact to face» concept. In the history of painting,

luminous paintings normally have an oblique lighting emphasizing the shadow and contrast.

Here, on the contrary, the solar light being frontal, shadows are much reduced.





• 2001 - Galerie Nicolas Deman - Rue Jacques Callot - Paris

• 2001 - Galerie éolia - Rue de Seine - Paris

• 2014 - Salon d’Art Contemporain - Espace Pierre Cardin - Paris

  1er prix de la Photo

• 2016 - Galerie Nicolas Deman - Rue Jacques Callot - Paris

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